03 May 2010

Socks Complete

I finished the socks about a week ago. My boss seemed to really like them. Someone else at work was going on about how I should make LSU scarves and sell them. I don't actually have any interest in doing that at all.

 The pattern is the "Easy Lace Socks" from The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor. Other than the brief confusion over the heels, they were a very easy knit.
I'm not entirely sure what I am going to make next. I am planning on making a pair of socks for my sister. They were going to be for her birthday but I've already realized there is no way I can make a pair of socks before then (her birthday is Thursday). So, I got her something else instead. I also have some other things I want to make, like a shrug or a tank top. Saturday there was a really huge sale at the local yarn store and I bought a ridiculous amount of yarn so I am itching to use some of that.
I am also still playing Final Fantasy XIII and that certainly cuts into my knitting time. That is probably what I am about to do right now, actually.

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