14 October 2009

Knitting at Work

I work in the learning center at a community college tutoring math and occasionally English. There is a lot of downtime and since I started working there, I've been using the downtime to knit. Most people seemed interested in my knitting, always asking me what I was working on, how long it took to make whatever it was, and would ask after previous projects when I would bring in something different. Occasionally students would ask about my knitting as well, one guy even wanted me to show him how I did it.

Apparently, someone had a problem with my knitting. Today, as I was signing out, my supervisor told me that while she had no problem with my knitting at work, apparently someone thought I looked like I was off the lock and that I appeared inaccessible. From now on, I should bring something to read when I'm not busy.

I realize it's silly for me to be upset about this. It is work and being able to do anything during the downtime is a privilege. However, what I don't understand is why knitting makes me less accessible than reading a book or studying. Knitting requires far less of my attention than reading or studying, especially if I am working on something simple like I am now. When I am knitting, I am constantly looking around to make sure no one needs my help and I also put my work down frequently to walk around and check on people.

On the plus side, I do have a lot of books to read. I haven't been reading at all lately, except when I'm in the bathtub, since I've been spending all of my free time knitting. Maybe I'll even starting refreshing myself on some math. I am thinking of applying to grad school soon, so I definitely need a refresher.

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