08 October 2009

Nana's Scarf

I found the Patton's Silk-Bamboo at Hobby Lobby the first time I ever looked at the yarn there. I fell in love with the yarn, both the color (sapphire) and the texture (soft and smooth). I had no idea what I was going to do with it bought I bought three skeins of it, which was all they had.

Finally, I found the Rivolo pattern on Ravelry and I thought it would be perfect. I decided I would knit the scarf for my grandmother for her 81st birthday.

A little less than halfway through the scarf I made the same mistake I made with the blanket, where I ended up with a large portion that had turned into the wrong side. I knew I had to frog it (rip out stitches) but was scared. After letting it sit for five days I finally felt like I was in the right state of mind to do it. It wasn't too terrible; no tragedies occurred. After that, I started putting in lifelines (threading a different color of yarn through a row of stitches) every two or three pattern repeats.

I had to finish the scarf a little earlier than I had planned. My grandmother's birthday wasn't until today but because everyone had plans this coming weekend we decided to have her party on Sunday, October 4. I finished knitting and started blocking Friday night. It was my first time blocking, so I documented the process.

Here we have the scarf before blocking. It definitely looks like it can be improved, doesn't it?

I let the scarf soak in the bathtub for a little bit. When I squeezed it out a bit there was some blue in the water which wasn't unexpected. My needles and my fingers had been getting a little blue on them as I was knitting.

I blocked it on an exercise mat on my bedroom floor. It's pretty much the official blocking place now.

Finally, the finished project. Doesn't it look better?

My grandmother loved the scarf. She was really appreciated a handmade gift, and was very happy to have a scarf that wasn't made of wool (she is sensitive to wool, like me).

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