07 October 2009

My First Big Project

After only having been knitting about three weeks, I decided I was going to knit a blanket for a pregnant friend, who was due in about two weeks. I bought a book of baby afghan patterns at Michael's and I bought some long circular needles. I ended up buying yarn at Wal-Mart, Bernat Baby Coordinates in a pretty blue and silver. If I had been knitting longer, I probably would have thought to consider things like how it would take a ridiculously long time to knit a blanket using sport weight yarn and size 6 needles--I probably would have considered going for a thicker yarn and bigger needles.

I often got bored with the blanket, so I did several side projects while I was working on it: a scarf for my mom, a sock (I finished the other sock when I finished the blanket), an incense burner mat (I made that one up!), perhaps a couple of dishcloths.  I finally finished the blanket on September 9, 2009. I was pretty happy with it, aside from the part where I either skipped or repeated a row and ended up with about the last foot of the blanket with the right side on the wrong side. I probably should have fixed it but I was afraid to frog it and I didn't have a lifeline (I didn't know anything about them at that point), and I really just wanted to be finished with it already, so it stayed that way.

I shipped the blanket off a day or two after I was finished with it. My friend posted the cutest picture of the baby with the blanket. I don't have that picture, but here is one I took shortly after I finished it:

Since finishing the blanket I have done many small projects. It's nice to start something I can finish in a few days! I imagine it will be a really long time before I make something as large as a blanket again--maybe when I have my own baby!

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