23 October 2009

WIP - Bathroom Rug and Mom's Headband

I found this rug by accident. I was reading the Favorite Obscure Pattern on Ravelry, when I came across a different rug which made me realize I really needed to knit a rug for my bathroom. After finding the perfect pattern I went to Michael's and bought some yarn and appropriate needles.

When I got home I started added my project on Ravelry, and since the pattern was not already on Ravelry I got to add it, which I thought was super exciting (it made me feel unique and special). People started adding it to their queues immediately and now it is in 49 queues, but I am still the only project.

About two weeks ago my family went on a trip to Oklahoma for a family reunion. The drive was about six hours long and I knit almost the entire drive both ways (don't worry, I wasn't driving). I managed to get nearly halfway through the rug just by knitting in the car. It's probably one of the easiest projects I've done. I'm not quite finished with it yet, but I think I should be able to finish up this weekend.

I also recently knit a headband for my mom, to match the scarf I knit her earlier this year. The headband itself wasn't too difficult, however the pattern was not very well written. Sure, it was concise, but one had to jump around between three different sections of the pattern on each row, which seemed unnecessary. I guess the publishers just wanted to keep it down to one page in the book. Overall, I am satisfied with the results:

And finally, a picture of my mom wearing her new headband and her scarf:

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